Rimming: Analingus 101

Rimming: Analingus 101 ass rimming pictures Learn the best techniques and tips for performing analingus. Also known as rimming, ass-eating, or salad tossing, oral sex on the ass can be an exciting experience, thanks to the great sensitivity of the nerve-rich area of the anus. Analingus lovers Ella Nova and Ruckus discuss and demonstrate the safety, positions, and skills you need to know, regardless of the gender of your partner.

Available now at Kink University: Rimming: Analingus 101

Rimming: Analingus 101 ass rimming pictures

Rimming: Analingus 101 ass rimming pictures

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Jasmine Jae

Jasmine Jae ass rimming pictures

Crazy hot British MILF, Jasmine Jae is mad as a hornet when she learns that Brad Knight dumped her daughter but she can’t deny her own lust for young shaft! After ordering him to strip down, she spins him around and nuzzles her tongue up his butthole and tosses his salad! Amazed at her assfucking-munching skills, Brad gets aroused and starts banging Jasmine viciously hard in cowgirl! After slamming her, he tastes her bunghole too before getting right back to the deep dicking and nuts all over her face and hair!

My Step Daughter Tossed My Salad 11

My Step Daughter Tossed My Salad 11 anilingus videos pictures

Jenna’s new step-dad let her drive his sports car, so she was happy to give him some pussy and lick his butthole! Riley’s stepdad threatened to tell her mom that he caught her sneaking out so she offered to toss his salad to keep him quiet! Talon rescued Kristina from a giant snake, so she gave him a rim job reward! Renee didn’t know what "salad tossing" was so she asked her stepdad for a demonstration. When Jay found out that Lily has been licking her teacher’s ass for extra credit, he threatened to tell her mom so he could get some too!


Natasha Juja, Jerry

Natasha Juja, Jerry ass rimming pictures

Poor teacher, Jerry is trying to explain to his student’s mom, Natasha Juja that her daughter is failing his classes but she’s just not hearing it! She’s too busy offering her sexy anus to Jerry in switch for a second chance. Natasha arrives at Jerry’s house wearing sheer thongs that’s totally see-through! Jerry parts those long European legs of hers and jams his fat shaft in her wet coochie and pile-drives this bitch into the couch. After Jerry pauses and takes a break, Natasha attacks his asshole with her tongue! She tosses that salad like a fuckin’ chef and it’s back to bobbing her head off his hard weiner. Natasha LOVES her warm cum bath!

Miley May, John Strong

Miley May, John Strong ass rimming pictures

Miley Cyrus Lookalike, Miley May just finished soccer practice and her step-dad is there to take her home. After they get back, Miley confesses to her step-dad, John Strong about her strong sexual urge…to lick his butthole! That’s right, Miley wants to get fucked and toss his salad! John is scared shitless of being caught but his throbbing dong indicates otherwise. Like a goddamn werewolf, he tears off Miley’s gym clothes and tosses her pants in a corner as he watches Miley wrap her sweet lips around his dong. Then, she wiggles her face up in John’s backside and laps up his rump crack with gusto! Now watch this coed celebrity lookalike get fucked

Ariel Rose, Billy Glide

Ariel Rose, Billy Glide ass rimming pictures

You’re not going to find a mixed Asian darling nearly as innocent, petite and naughty as Arial Rose. This wicked little teenie confides to her step-dad, Billy, her insatiable love for licking man-anus! He quickly and slyly suggests that they engage in a bit of salad tossing experimentation! After making a promise not to spill the beans to her mom, he peels off her pink underwear and treats her young asshole like an endless teen bunghole buffet! After creaming herself on the couch, she sweetly asks, “Are you going to lick my pussy too?” Trust me, he goes way beyond the call of duty and stuffs his fat tool right in her super-firm slot!

Gabriella Patrova, Chris Strokes

Gabriella Patrova, Chris Strokes ass rimming pictures

It must be every step-dad’s juiciest fantasy to marry a starlet only to find out that she’s got a hottie for a daughter! Chris Strokes is taking his step-daughter, Gabrielle Patrova home when she admits her attraction to him. Before he can say anything, she reaches over and whips his massive weiner out and slowly starts stroking. Once they’re at home, Chris tears off her clothes and gets his dong sucked proper while flicking her moist fuckhole. Then, Gabriella lifts up his legs in the air and buries her faec in his anus and starts tossing his salad! After polishing every square inch of his butthole, Gabriella bends over, spreads those luscious thighs and gets her coochie straight up pounded!

Kendra Secrets, Chris Strokes

Kendra Secrets, Chris Strokes ass rimming pictures

Kendra’s son Mikey isn’t home when his friend Chris comes knocking. He is full of compliments for her as she bends over the mirror trying to finish applying her makeup. He asks her to toss his salad and she is surprised that he knows that term. She wants to give him his first experience she pulls down his pants, gets on her knees and warps her lips around his long hard weiner. In a 69 position, he eats her wet fuckhole while she licks his balls and deep throats his entire dick. She lets him slide his boner into her slit before opening her mouth to catch his hot load.

Magdalene St. Michaels, John Strong

Magdalene St. Michaels, John Strong ass rimming pictures

A pizza delivery man gets a treat when the MILF he hands the pizza too grips his ass instead. He is bewildered that this sexy brunette wants to bury her tongue in his asshole and deep throat his wang. She grips and tugs on his pecker as she tosses his salad, cleaning his anus to a shine. He takes advantage of the starlet, banging her face, making her gag. When she takes his cock into her juicy slot she moans and groans as he plunges deeper and deeper into her firm hole before filling her mouth with his warm white spunk.

Diana Prince Loves Tossing Salad

Diana Prince Loves Tossing Salad ass rimming pictures

If you’re into watching hot MILFs toss salad, your options were probably pretty limited – until now. Today Diana Prince, a gorgeous ebony haired MILF vixen, is going to reveal her love for eating ass to Talon. Things start off normally enough, but you’ll notice that Diana is not your average tramp, and she is going to give as good as she gets in this fuck fest. There is such a big smile on her face once she’s finally gotten exactly what she wants, and her cooter is soaked all the way through after the salad tossing.